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Justdiggit – Our World

This is the story of a movement in Africa on a mission to cool down the planet. As the devastating effects of climate change become increasingly obvious every day, you'll discover that they have found a simple answer to the greatest challenge of our time. Welcome to our world.

By simply digging, our movement regreens their environment. Breathing back life into their land. We realized once people discovered our movement,

they become ambassadors for life. But bringing everyone to Africa is not good for the planet. So using the power of technology, we brought Africa to everyone.


Wolfstreet (Film)
Soundsright (Sounds)
Nanda Hagenaars (Photography)


Awwwards Site of the Day

This project is borne out of one simple truth we’ve learned: a visit to a Justdiggit location transforms you into a lifelong ambassador.  But replicating a real life-changing trip to Africa isn’t easy. To truly free visitors to go explore, we created an immersive world where the magic of film meets cutting-edge code. Our World was shot in a 360-degree format with immersive audio and found its way to a 3d, AR, and web experience for everyone to discover, and enjoy.

Engage, don’t just inform. This online journey transforms visitors into lifelong ambassadors, by granting them the freedom to actively explore the impact of our mission.

With the successful launch of the experience, our PR coverage is rapidly gaining momentum, and a global campaign is rolled-out  utilizing (D)OOH, social media, ONLV, and even a spatial installation at Amaze, The Hague. The project is not only generating widespread interest but also attracting a fresh wave of  ambassadors, joining our collective endeavor to combat climate change and cool down the planet.