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Heart-pounding, reality-shifting, barrier-breaking or phone-tilting good. A 10 out of 10 film shows you something in a way you've never seen before. Making that kind of film is not science, it's personal, a matter of taste and never-ending curation.

It is about nailing every single detail while never losing sight of the big picture. So we always aim for a 10 when we write, film, direct, design, grade or create something timeless.

We work for brands, agencies, artists or anyone who believes that film is the perfect way to share their story.

Working with such amazing content proved to be a humbling experience for Lama Lama.

Introducing the Jimmy Nelson Compass. Navigate through the world’s last Indigenous cultures, with your phone as a mobile compass. A crafted platform, designed for visitors to make their own journey, through the lens of Jimmy Nelson. Featuring a movement-triggered 3-dimensional navigation.

Each community has their own chapter, capturing their culture in stories, music, photography, video, and even behind the scenes content. Each chapter has its own illustrated card for visitors to collect and share.

An online experience with an intrinsic drive to show the importance of Indigenous cultures and therefor making the world a better place.

Visitors who want to keep going deeper can purchase art and books, benefitting the Jimmy Nelson Foundation, where children can travel digitally to faraway places, from Siberia and Mongolia to Peru and French Polynesia, to learn about unique cultures and traditions. Inspiring a younger generation to be more aware of the importance of human diversity and indigenous knowledge on how to live in harmony with the nature around us.