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Hi there, what kind of project are we talking about?
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Lama Lama is a creative digital agency. We create branding and digital products for companies with a conscience and brands with a heart. We embrace a fluid approach, and use our expertise to create longevity and value for our clients. Together with them we hope to make the world a little better.

We play without knee pads and helmets

We treat our clients like our colleagues and the comfort zone like it’s the devil. 

Don’t waste your time waiting for permission. 

over ego’s

& Minds


Our process

Blue sky thinking and big dreams. We’ll follow our hearts into the unknown and stumble onto new and wonderful ideas. Great stuff that leads us to the next phase, design through play.


Nothing beats the playful approach. Remember how excited you were as a kid getting a new box of Lego? That’s what we’re like playing around with design ideas. Big difference is that now we are committed to adding value and letting it grow.


After the initial design and delivery of a project we’ll track its performance. For us delivery is not the end but the start of a different phase. Collecting data and analysing it to ensure longevity for our clients and sustained optimal performance. 

How we work?

The chase to a playful mind.


Why we work?

The quest to a place with emotions at heart .